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 Antonar Warrior Priest R22 RR14 >>Accepted<<

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PostSubject: Antonar Warrior Priest R22 RR14 >>Accepted<<   Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:32 pm


Character & WAR-Questions:
My current main character is Antonar, a rank 22 WP with the average quest and PQ equipment for that level. I haven't chosen a mastery path yet, but tend towards some combination of grace and salvation, trying to strike a balance between damage and healing/healing through damage/damage while healing. I play WAR since the start of the open beta three weeks ago, most of the time spent with warrior priests with a score hours spent on other careers. The learned professions are salvaging and talisman making. Salvaging because I confused it with scavenging and am now too stubborn to change it and talisman making because of general curiosity and because the only other crafting profession is the one everyone takes.
At the moment I dabble in every aspect of the game without any specific preferences. I use no UI modifications or makros yet, but will most likely start as soon as some exhibit functionalities that seem interesting to me.

lovia asked me if I wanted to join and because playing MMOs alone is beside the point and me being without any contacts in the game I consented. I think I expect the typical: A chat-channel with a selected audience, better organized groups and additional means of communication like a forum and voice-chat. What I bring into the guild is a quiet, fast learning player with (by previous experience) above average skill, a reasonable amount of per week game-time (20-40 h) and a somewhat strange sense of humor.

I have a working microphone and know how to use ventrilo/TS2 although I'm generally a silent watcher/listener there as well as in chats.
My active playing time now spans around 15 years where, being the classic multigamer, I imposed few restrictions on genres and platforms although the PC and RTS remain my typical roaming grounds. I generally use a mixture of experience, knowledge of game mechanics and trained behavior to play the games successfully. Generalization of those over time and the assorted acquired instincts force me to start practically all commercial games at the highest difficulty setting to have a challenge and chances to refine my skill set further (as mentioned with the "commercial", I know that out there are enough nearly impossible flash games, but most of those simply lack the production qualities to make the constant trial and error feel worthwhile).
Playing is for me hobby and training room for skill sets concerning learning, reactions to new inputs and system analysis. As soon as nothing changes anymore I generally quit the game and start another one, although the "proud-to-be-reasonable-good"- and "having-fun-goofing-around-on-a-high-level"-phase can last for some time. The games I played longer than average were Starcraft, Warcraft III, Dawn of War and Natural Selection, although I nearly always play through everything there is in an RPG, resulting in some huge play times in the larger ones.
The only other MMO that I played for more than 2 weeks is WoW (6+8 months), where I played mainly as defense warrior and shaman (and an array of twinks not worth mentioning).

Person & Personality:
[Deleted by author for reasons outlined below]
I tend to associate writing styles with personality traits. I haven't got many ideals left, but am still often surprised by the stupidity and lack of foresight by some/many people. In general I'm a stoic and don't feel strongly about much and simply try to work with what I've got most of the time.
I dislike: elaborate whining, emotional arguing, alcohol, most of the stuff in TV except for the occasional movie or series.
I like: good reasoning, logical riddles and puzzles, mathematics, sarcasm, cookies

Comments to the application:
You make the form, you choose the questions.
I would prefer not to have personal data in an open forum and would like to delete them after the application process.

Last edited by Antonar on Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:29 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Guild Master
Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Antonar Warrior Priest R22 RR14 >>Accepted<<   Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:52 pm

verify that you want the post deleted it will be arranged.
Welcome. I like the weird humor kind of guys Very Happy
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Antonar Warrior Priest R22 RR14 >>Accepted<<
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