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 Selw, warrior priest R13 RR7 >>Accepted<<

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Join date : 2008-09-18

PostSubject: Selw, warrior priest R13 RR7 >>Accepted<<   Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:28 am

What is your name? Matjaž
What is your in game name? Selw
How old are you? 27
What is your sex (female/male)? Male
Where are you from? Slovenia

For how long are you playing WAR? Since open beta, was for a short bit in closed beta too.

For how long are you playing the character you are applying for? Since head start, and I made a few other chars got them up to level 4 or so to try them out.

What class is the character u are applying for? What Rank? What Renown Rank? Warrior priest, rank 13 and renown rank 7

Is there any certain way that you are willing to play your character (mastery selection)? Path of wrath as my main line and path of grace as my secondary mastery. Makes for a great buffer / debuffer.

Which professions have you chosen? Salvaging and talisman crafting.
Why you chose them? Hopefully they will be useful later on.

Can you describe us or better link us your gear? Standard PQ and renew gear with some blue drops. Changes too fast atm to post it all level or 2 and it goes away.

Can you use a teamspeak or ventrilo? Yup

Do you have a properly working microphone? Yup

For how long are you playing mmorpgs? For a very long time not sure about years.. started with UO.
Which ones? UO, AOC, WOW, POTBS, TR, GW, LOTRO

Why you choose KillingBlow and not some other guild? Maggot asked me if I wanted to join, and you seemed like a nice bunch doing PQ together .

Which part of the game you enjoy the most? PVP, and PQ so far

What are your other interests outside the game? Programming, reading, anime, manga, DnD, Legend of the five rings…

What do you study or have studied? I studied computer science and engineering. And now I am a teacher in elementary school teaching computer classes and taking care of LAN and servers.

Do you have any real life or in game friends in the guild? (please state the origin next to the names) Nope

Where from you play the game? (home/internet cafe/else) Home

You use only the standard UI or any add-ons? Standard so far.

You use the default movement buttons or you have remapped them? remapped

Any nonstandard key binds or macros you use? I bound some keys on my mouse.

Do you consider any questions not relative or not understandable? nope

Cheers! See you ingame
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Guild Master
Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Selw, warrior priest R13 RR7 >>Accepted<<   Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:21 am

accepted whisper me or isilnor to get an inv.
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Selw, warrior priest R13 RR7 >>Accepted<<
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