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 bright wizard >>Accepted<<

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Posts : 12
Join date : 2008-09-15

PostSubject: bright wizard >>Accepted<<   Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:20 am

What is your name? Marcus

What is your ingame name? Pewpewidie

How old are you? 27

What is your sex (female/male)? male

Where are you from? Sweden

FOr how long are you playing WAR? for as long as i enjoy it, no point in playing a game that dosent appeal u

For how long are you playing the character you are applying for? for as long as i will play war, tried all other classes in the beta and got stuck on this 1

What class is the character u are applying for? What Rank? What Renown Rank? Bright wizzard R8 RR5

Is there any certain way that you are willing to play your character (mastery selection)? dunno yet, will look in to that when i get to spend my mastery points, and ofc, they way it benefits the guild in RvR/pve the most

Which professions have you chosen? none, i dont lilke the crafting system in this game

Can you describe us or better link us your gear? hehe, just bought some RR gear, have been runing nakked for tome unlocks and titels

Can you use a teamspeak or ventrilo? Yes

Do you have a properly working microphone? Yes

For how long are have you been playing mmorpgs? 4 years
Which ones? Guildwars 4 years, Wow 3 years

If you have played any other mmorpgs, which ones you consider more important and with what criteria you make the choice? World of warcraft, but i lost intrest in the game, nothing to do anymore but stand around in shatt and look stupid

What other games have you played? CS was my mmo debute, then i have played lots of other non mmo games

Which ones you consider importan and with what criteria? dunno

Why you choose KillingBlow and not some other guild? i saw the recruit msg in the general chatt and yea, its always funnier to play a mmo if ur part of a community

What do you think that having the Guild name over your head will change in the game experience? hopefully those damn green monster will stay off my back Razz

Which part of the game you enjoy the most? again dunno, have basicly only seen T1 content, but RvR, senarios and PQ's are fun

What are your other interests outside the game? go downtown and have some beers with the friends

What do you study or have studied? i have studied to a mc enigneed, but it took to much of my time so i quit

Do you have any real life or ingame friends in the guild? (please state the origin next to the names) nope

Where from you play the game? (home/internet cafe/else) . i play at home

You use only the standar UI or any addons? standard UI, but its customised, u dont need any UI adons here, can customize it just to the way u want it basicly


You use the default movement buttons or you have remapped them? default


Any nonstandar keybinds or macros you use? not yet, dont need em atm

Anything you want to share about your playstyle and is not included in the above questions? . hehe, yea i rly need to learn and blast away my combustion when its on 100 cause i tend to kill myself alott
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Guild Leader
Guild Leader

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Join date : 2008-05-13
Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: bright wizard >>Accepted<<   Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:02 am

consider yourself accepted..

welcome m8 Very Happy
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bright wizard >>Accepted<<
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