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 2/10/08 Killing Blow coquered the world!

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PostSubject: 2/10/08 Killing Blow coquered the world!   Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:02 pm

At 2/10/08 Killing Blow made its first Organised Open RvR!!!

In the beggining we all gathered in Badlands and our goal was the 2 BOs there..
We got them really fast and we was really disappointed that only 4 destruction dared to challenge us!

So we took the big decision and assaulted their keep! We was in NEED for more destruction blood!!!

But a tiny defence of 5ppl in total, near the keep, couldnt stop us for sure..

Here are the results:

Then we realised that it was only the begining!

With more joining our forces we went to High Pass!

We took the keep there really fast that we was close to be bored...

Our next target was the other t3 keep in EvC tier..

We was already in the heat of battle for more than 1hour and we knew that nothing could stop us now!

With the pathetic defence of 8ppl we took it really fast...

About 15 destructions came to late to defend their keep but they came way to late...
So they only faced our bloody weapons while we was exiting the keep...

We wasnt even tired yet! The only thought in our minds was a way to find more destruction players to slaughter!

We had already dominated 2 tiers so our last target was easy to be chosen.. Evelorn!

With the fury of our previus battles we took the first keep really fast even the defence of destruction with 15ppl! Most of them didnt even tried kill us when we got down the first keep door!
i'm sure that i saw some of them jumping of the walls just to not die from our hands..

Then we heard the rumors that many Destruction players gathering near us!

BUT there was a lasts target in our conquer list!
We had taken already 4 keeps and the 5th was really near..

Running there we was thinking that we hadnt much time so we did our best and took it really fast!

At the time of our celebration of getting the 5th keep today we heard that the rumors was true..
A huge destruction army was near our keep in HEvDE t3

we took a fast screanshot while most of us was running towards them..

The time we arrived in our keep we saw an army of destruction more than 2 times bigger than ours!!!
They had already burned down the out wall and was ready to enter the main keep!

With great organisation and teamplaying we managed to kill them all and defend our keep!

Was an epic fight from all of us that ended with the dustruction running towards their warcamp..

And then as always destruction with even bigger army came again!
They was at least 4 times more than we was!
But our keep walls was strong enought to keep them out! ofc with the great effort too Very Happy

some nice ss from this great battle :

Bored of the stupidity of Destruction who was just banging their heads on our walls we left the battle with many feeling in our hearts...

I'm sure that the main feeling for all of us was the feeling of the winner...

We won this battle, but many more battles will come till we will win the WAR!


Isilnor Guild Leader of Killing Blow

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2/10/08 Killing Blow coquered the world!
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