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 Thibbledorf (Runepriest R19 RR13) >>Accepted<<

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Join date : 2008-09-18

PostSubject: Thibbledorf (Runepriest R19 RR13) >>Accepted<<   Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:06 pm

What is your name? Robert

What is your ingame name? Thibbledorf

How old are you? 28

What is your sex (female/male)? Male

Where are you from? London

For how long are you playing WAR? Since Open Beta

For how long are you playing the character you are applying for? Since Headstart

What class is the character u are applying for? What Rank? What Renown Rank? Runepriest R19 RR13

Is there any certain way that you are willing to play your character (mastery selection)? At the moment path of Valaya because I like the versatility of it but I'm always open to change if there is a particular need for it.

Which professions have you chosen? Cultivation and Apothecary
Why you chose them? Seemed like they go well together and you can never have enough potions.

Can you describe us or better link us your gear? I've mostly taken all the gear with Toughness / Wounds from rewards etc, I have some willpower stuff for PvE but I've found that generally PvE healing isn't that tough and being able to stay alive helps a lot more than the extra healing in PvP.

Can you use a teamspeak or ventrilo? I've used Vent before so it shouldn't be a problem

Do you have a properly working microphone? Yes

For how long are you playing mmorpgs? A few years
Which ones? WoW and now WAR

If you have played any other mmorpgs, which ones you consider more important and with what criteria you make the choice? WoW is the only other one I have played, I enjoyed it a lot especially the social aspect, but became tired of the constant gear grind and all of your stuff becoming useless after the next expansion. PvP as a Shadowpriest was hard work as well so I stopped playing for a while and when WAR came out I liked the look of it and decided to try it out.

What other games have you played? I play all types of games. Before WAR, COD4 and Tiger Woods 09 were taking up most of my time.

Which ones you consider important and with what criteria? Mainly I judge games by their online content, playing against others is more fun than playing against the computer. There are exceptions though, Mass Effect, GTA and Elder Scrolls Oblivion are the types of games I will quite happily play through on my own.

Why you choose KillingBlow and not some other guild? I was invited by Maggot

What do you think that having the Guild name over your head will change in the game experience? I think it opens up more of the game, guild banners and tactics etc. and it seems a lot more fun to be able to take a keep for your guild and plant your banner atop it rather then do it and then forget about the keep. Also playing with people who you have had shared experiences with adds something to the game in my experience.

Which part of the game you enjoy the most? I'm quite enjoying all of it at the moment, but am looking forward to large scale open world RvR.

What are your other interests outside the game? I watch a lot of films and I love Anime. I play a lot of games too.

What do you study or have studied? I went to work after Secondary school, so not much studying for me.

Do you have any real life or ingame friends in the guild? None yet.

Where from you play the game? Home

You use only the standar UI or any addons? No addons at the moment because there are not many about with WAR being relatively new, although I may do at some point.

Which? N/A

You use the default movement buttons or you have remapped them? Default

Where? N/A

Any nonstandar keybinds or macros you use? None

Anything you want to share about your playstyle and is not included in the above questions? I tend not to be a healbot, I like the fact that in WAR the classes are given some nice utility and even the support classes can put the hurt on if left to their own devices. I think coming out of a scenario with a lot of healing and no damage is good at times, but doing both can be just as useful if done correctly.

Do you consider the questions helpfull? They are certainly thorough.

Do you consider any questions not relative or not understandable? Not really
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Guild Master
Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Thibbledorf (Runepriest R19 RR13) >>Accepted<<   Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:33 pm

welcome Smile
we prefer the 'aggressive healer attitude' over a more passive one!
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Thibbledorf (Runepriest R19 RR13) >>Accepted<<
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