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 Guild Info

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PostSubject: Guild Info   Sun May 25, 2008 3:54 pm

Experience and extencive thought and dialog on the matter of mmorpgs and their guilds
we -the leadership of KillingBlow- have made our mind on how we want our guild to be.

The main issue for guilds have been the different goals between members of guilds.
As a solution to that problem we think that all members in a guild should share some values.
Five elements to be exact, in the way we see the game.

First is the 'code of contact' or simply the way their online communication happens.
Every member of KillingBlow should be kind on their way of aproach to ppl,
in other words in the ypothetical question from a random player,even a rank one,
should at least offer a kind refuse and not something like 'gtfo'
Mature language is NOT banned but its use shouldnt 'offend' anyone.
RACIST behavior is TOTALLY BANNED and will be punished asap even with removal if need be.
We think that arrogant behavior should be treaded someway, in any form of acting like you
have some greater power, we will test our powers in you. We may kick you for threataning someone
with kick.Remove you from a group activity for telling there is no spot for someone else
and likewise.Also we need your oppinion about the guild, there is a part of the forum that is dedicated to this
thoughts and is open for members, we want ppl to know and trust eachother.

Second value is teamwork or team behavior, we encourage working with other even a 'profesional contract'
for selling materials or making items for a standar price or exchange. Questing together doing RvR or
any other form of teamwork. Helping a guild mate will make you stronger in the long run.
Such behavior will be monitored, dont doupt the fact that recognition will be given even, we hope no,'late'.

Third thing is drama. Drama is the egomaniac behavior that aim to undermine others, aiming purely
in your personal best interest. Such behavior may be tolerated to the extend of 'healthy' judgement.
Its highly unlikely that with such behavior you amuse anyone or that you actually may help.
The guild is dedicated to not let such behavior ruin the fun.

Forth part of the this topic is what gamers describe us 'skill'. Its generally accepted that mmorpgs are
all about competition, three out of four times when you take something someone else looses.
So you have to know how the game works and make good use out of it, for that reason a reasonable part of our forums
will be dedicated to mechanics and how to make best use of them. All members of KillingBlow should contribute in mechanics forums by any way they can. Share their knowledge and experience to the other members. Skill isnt something innate but something that with practice, well preparation and extensive thought can be earned.

Last is what we consider the most important, the element of fun. A game by definition exist to produce fun.
When a game doesnt generate enough fun and force you to drop other activities over it, it shouldnt be played.
We play for fun and consider that win is the most fun part of a game, dont you think?
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Guild Info
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