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 WARDB - the warhammer's thotbot!

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PostSubject: WARDB - the warhammer's thotbot!   Tue Aug 19, 2008 7:10 pm

An Introduction to

WARDB is a project created by the teams behind, WOWDB and Warhammer Alliance. It's a fully featured database resource for Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We're all gamers at the Curse Network, and we have certain desires for information that can be found on a game. In the early years of MMOs, database websites were considered a nicety. Now that times have changed, in many cases they've become expected, and our goal is to meet the needs of gamers head-on to provide the most comprehensive, feature rich database website possible.

Contributing to WARDB is easy and allows you to not only submit item, NPC, quest and many other pieces of data, but it also uploads your character information, unlocking several cool features on the website. To contribute data, you'll need to install the Curse Client; it's free, light weight, and allows you to manage all of your game addons, get the most recent gaming news, and upload screenshots you take with the client directly to

Here's a list of some of the things you can find on WARDB now. Keep in mind, WARDB is very much still in beta, so we'll be adding and refining many sections of the site as Warhammer Online closes in on launch. Your feedback during this process is invaluable to us, so please do not hesitate to comment on anything you think could be better, or any ideas you have for new features.

Guild Profiles
Guild Profiles are in an early phase of beta right now, but you can find a full list of guilds who contribute data to WARDB, as well as their basic profile. This includes the guild rank, its progress in that rank, total guild renown, a roster, and the latest guild news directly from the game. You'll also be able to use our filter system to search based on server, member count, rank, and of course the name. Head over to Blunt Logic's profile to check it out! Please let us know what you'd like to see on Guild Profiles in the future; while we can't promise every suggestion will be possible, guilds are a very important part of Warhammer Online, so we want to make sure this section of WARDB feels very special to players.

Character Profiles
Character Profiles allow you to show off your character in all its glory. Not only will you be able to see all of the items you own, but you'll also see a breakdown of all of your attributes on the base character pane. In addition to this, you'll also see a list of all of your unlocked Achivements, available Titles, and your progress in each and every Influence path available in the game!

But there's more; below you'll find Loot History for your character -- displaying all of the most recent items your character has obtained, your Guild Roster if you've joined one, and other users will even be able to comment on your character! Want to thank someone you grouped with in a keep siege for doing a great job? You can, and it's easy! Head over to Adamar's profile to check out the current iteration of character profiles.

Battlefield Map
The Battlefield Map allows you to check up on the progress of each specific battlefield in the game, so you can keep tabs on the state of your specific server's campaign even while not playing! You'll be able to, at a glance, see the status of each keep and battlefield objective for every battlefield available. Check out Marshes of Madness on Mad Dog Pass for an example!

Career Builder
The Career Builder is just one piece of the puzzle for planning out your characters on WARDB. It allows you to set up Mastery builds outside of the game and then share those builds with other players. Each of the 20 classes are represented, with Mastery data directly from the latest version of the game! Head over and give it a try; the URL in your browser will update every time you make a change, allowing you to copy and paste it wherever you'd like to show off your specific build. We have more features coming for the Career Builder as Warhammer Online nears release, so be sure to keep checking back!

Renown Builder
The Renown Builder is a very handy tool for RvR fans who want to map out their Renown progression before committing to it in-game. Not only will you be able to plan out your point distribution through each tier of the system, but you'll also be able to submit your Renown builds to WARDB as a "Preset Build" -- allowing other users to view your build and comment and rate them! Head over and get started now!

No database is complete without an Items section, so we've focused heavily on ensuring information is provided in a concise manner, but also allowing very robust filtering. If you want to find Rare quality Squig Herder items that grant an Initiative bonus, you can. The Items section is also broken down into Weapons, Armor, Item Sets and much more, so head over and get started!

The Quests section holds all of the information you'll need to decide if a quest is worth doing for you, before you even come across it. You'll be able to at a glance see the quest name, its location, the side that can complete it, and all of its rewards. The details page for quests goes even more in-depth, giving all objectives and descriptions. Using the menu and quest filters, you can choose how you want to find quests in a fairly robust manner.

There's also a section for Public Quests that allows you to check out the details of a PQ and find other PQs in that area easily.

If you need to find out information on the various zones in Warhammer Online, then the Zones section is your new best friend! You'll be able to choose each of the campaign tiers to display for all three campaigns, as well as an overview of the cities for both Destruction and Order.

Once you're on a Zone Details Page, such as Ekrund, you'll have access to a map of the zone listing all Quests, Notable NPCs, and Landmarks in the area. Below that you'll find many tabs that contain information on the zone, such as Quests, Notable NPCs, Influence NPCs, Public Quests, and the Chapters unlocked in the zone. Of course, you'll also be able to leave comments and submit screenshots. Head over and check it out!

User Profiles
Once you've signed up at WARDB, you'll have a User Profile created for you. If you've already joined the Curse Network by signing up on, CurseForge, WOWDB, or The Conan Armory then you don't need to sign up here too -- your account from those websites will work on WARDB immediately!

With a User Profile you'll be able to track all of your characters, view your discoveries, track comments you've left on the website, and view the comments on your profile, plus much more. Head over to Adamar's profile to check it out!

And more...

By this point you're probably absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of information available, so here's a quick list of the remaining features on WARDB.As mentioned above, WARDB is still in beta, so any feedback provided is invaluable to the future of the database. Please feel free to visit our Bug Reporting & Feedback page at any time and drop us a line! Of course, we also have a Forums section set up on Warhammer Alliance if you'd like to discuss the database with other Warhammer Online players!

We have many more features coming before Warhammer Online releases, and we'll continue to improve upon and add to WARDB even after release, so we look forward to hearing any feedback you have!
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WARDB - the warhammer's thotbot!
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