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 Hammerrus, Ironbreaker, R28, RR16 >>Accepted<<

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Join date : 2008-10-20
Age : 29
Location : Sweden

PostSubject: Hammerrus, Ironbreaker, R28, RR16 >>Accepted<<   Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:31 am

What is your name?

What is your ingame name?

How old are you?

What is your sex (female/male)?

Where are you from?

For how long are you playing WAR?
Since the head start.

For how long are you playing the character you are applying for?
I have tried and mixed with some different character, but my ironbreaker is the one iím aming for 40 with.

What class is the character u are applying for? What Rank? What Renown Rank?
Hammerrus, Ironbreaker, R28, RR16

Is there any certain way that you are willing to play your character (mastery selection)?
Vengeance, since i find that the best leveling spec, but I can change for tank (Stone) once i hit 40 if needed.

Which professions have you chosen?
Why you chose them?
Talisman and salveging. I found talismnas fun and good use for high level gear, and itís also easy. And salveging ofcourse since itís the main gathering for it.

Can you describe us or better link us your gear?
A mix of drops/quest/PQ gear, green, most blue, and purple shoulders (epic?) Iím going for Wound, toughness and strenght

Can you use a teamspeak or ventrilo?
Only used Ventrilo, but i can get teamspeak aswell if thats what we use.

Do you have a properly working microphone?
Yes, maybe not superb, but it works good enough.

For how long are you playing mmorpgs?
Which ones?
My first mmorpgs was WoW, mostly becasue my classmates played it. I have played it for about 2 Ĺ year or so. WoW is (except for warhammer now) the only mmorpg that i have played full time, tough i have tried (14 days trial) quite alot.

What other games have you played?
Think it would be esier to say wich ones i havenít played, iím a game freak (for real), played my first game (nes) when i was 7-8 old and been stuck since then.

Which ones you consider important and with what criteria?
Anything thatís good. Got little interest in sport/racing games, but i can still play them if with a friend, otherwise itís all from action/adventure/rpg, you name it.

Why you choose KillingBlow and not some other guild?
I was actually looking for a good guild to join. I had tried like 4-5 guilds, but none were serious enough. But then i saw your ad in the regional chat and tought iíll check it. And it sounded promising enough, so I gave it a try. Havenít been let down yet.

What do you think that having the Guild name over your head will change in the game experience?
Guess it makes it easier to group and meet up with your guildies. And keep track of them in scenarios and what not.

Which part of the game you enjoy the most?
So far i find Pq the most fun, tough RvR is awsome aswell. Feels alot more tempting to pvp than in any other games iíve played.

What are your other interests outside the game?
Games, buddies, books and above all, games (yeah iím a game freak)

What do you study or have studied?
Iíve studied technical for 3 years and hopefully next spring iíll advance to ĒHighschoolĒ (iím swedish and not sure whats the english term for the stage iím at)

Do you have any real life or ingame friends in the guild? (please state the origin next to the names)
I have friends on the server, however, they play another server at the moment, but if they come back, I hope it will be ok to invite them. (a bright wisard and a rune priest if i remember right)

Where from you play the game? (home/internet cafe/else)
I got two places i play from, my mothers home, and my fathers. My father has a much better computer, so iíll focus on RvR and such when iím at his place, atleast til i can upgrade my computer at my mothers place.

You use only the standar UI or any addons?
Standard, I think itís good enough, tough I often look for addons.

You use the default movement buttons or you have remapped them?

Any nonstandar keybinds or macros you use?
ĒnonstandardĒ would be that all my attacks involve shit + some letter, like Shift + Q to do a damage ability. And i have all my buffs on number, 1,2,3 etc. I also have a keybord that has 18 extra buttons, with a setting can be used as 54 extra buttons, so i got good room for alot on my actionbars.

Anything you want to share about your playstyle and is not included in the above questions?
I guess iím a pretty agressive player, I simply charge straight in (atleast when it comes to rvr, in pve i keep track on not pulling ads to much). Sometimes i get careless in rvr and get overwhelmed, but if i just have a healer at my back, iím a lean mean dwarf machine.

Do you consider the questions helpfull?
Yeah, they allow others to know abit how I am in person, at it also allow me to know abit more about the guildies.

Do you consider any questions not relative or not understandable?
None so far.

I'm already in the guild if not clear, so I guess this is more formal Smile Anyway, never hesitate to ask me for help/teaming with anything. Hope you find me usefull and a good player.
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Guild Master
Guild Master

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Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Hammerrus, Ironbreaker, R28, RR16 >>Accepted<<   Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:44 am

welcome mate Smile
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Hammerrus, Ironbreaker, R28, RR16 >>Accepted<<
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